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Standards Implementation, Training & Management

Industry standards help businesses reduce costs, anticipate technical requirements, and increase

productivity and innovation. They can improve market access as a result of increased

competitiveness and efficiency, reducing trading costs, simplifying contractual agreements, and

increasing quality. In many cases, standards are the sole approach to consistent deployment of

necessary cross-company industry, government, and academic segment interaction.

Areas of Subject Matter Expertise

Specializing in cyber-physical systems security, supply chain risk management, and software/hardware assurance. Proficient in the complex landscape of counterfeit avoidance and detection, electronic component management, and supply chain traceability/tracking approaches. Well-versed in semiconductor foundry processes and assurance measures, offering comprehensive insights into obsolescence management. A seasoned professional with expertise in various critical areas essential for both industry and government, ensuring robust security and resilience in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Experience in Standards Organizations

The experience of the people at Aerocyonics makes them highly qualified to influence and facilitate standards development in these needed areas, in a complimentary and coordinated manner. This experience comes from many decades of work leading industry standards activities, working at a large aerospace product and systems producer; working both the development of standards in these areas, and the implementation of processes to comply with these standards. Aerocyonics has deep expertise across multiple segments of the semiconductor supply chain, including semiconductor fabrication, packaging, advanced testing, distribution, contract manufacturing, integration, maintenance, and disposal.

Deployment and Implementation Experience

Specialized in deployment and implementation, excelling in meticulous gap assessments for compliance and ensuring seamless alignment with customer and industry requirements. Proficient in process development to optimize operational efficiency and execution of industry standards for assured compliance. With a proven track record, experienced in fostering a culture of compliance and excellence in diverse industry settings.
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