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Program Management Areas of Expertise

Skilled resources to achieve project objectives including project management, team facilitation, whitepaper development, proposal writing, process improvement, data analysis, project execution, program deployment, collateral/work instructions development, etc.

Project Management Experience

The scope of projects includes engineering and scientific research and development, SBIR projects focusing on instrumentation R&D, and the development of Quantified Assurance processes. Additionally, there are organizational process deployment projects, particularly within large or global organizations, aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness. These projects often involve metrics and accountability measures to meet targets, as well as training initiatives. Furthermore, there are projects related to operations, ISC (Information Systems and Communications) based projects, IT implementation, ERP system deployment, data analytics, reporting, and learning and development implementations.

Program Management Skill Set

Proficient in planning, scheduling, and effective time/resource management, we excel in communication and stakeholder management. Our expertise extends to problem-solving, decision-making, and meticulous risk management. With a broad spectrum of experience, our adaptability ensures success at every project stage—from concept and proposal to execution and realization/implementation. Your projects are in capable hands with our comprehensive skill set.

Area of Expertise

  • Counterfeit Part Management & Prevention

  • Industry Standards Development & Training

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Hardware and Software Assurance Management

  • Cybersecurity Implementation & Management

Ensuring comprehensive solutions for a secure and resilient operational environment.
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