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Counterfeit Part Management & Prevention

Safeguard your hardware integrity with our Counterfeit Part Management & Prevention. We recognize test labs as the crucial barrier against counterfeit part infiltration, minimizing costs and schedule delays by mitigating false positives/negatives. Our approach emphasizes proper interpretation of test results and thorough research to establish baselines, coupled with robust traceability measures to combat fraudulent paper document falsification.

Strengthen Test Lab Effectiveness

Our Counterfeit Part Management & Prevention Services bolster test labs as the final defense against counterfeit parts in hardware, minimizing costs and schedule delays associated with unnecessary replacement parts and remediation. We rectify the common misinterpretation of test results by encouraging a holistic approach beyond pass/fail assessments.

Enhance Research and Establishment

We advocate for in-depth research to establish baselines, ensuring test labs understand proper test results rather than solely relying on tests. By emphasizing baseline establishment, we equip labs with the knowledge necessary for accurate assessments and counterfeit detection.

Robust Traceability Measures

We address traceability and verification challenges through robust documentation practices, preventing fraud via paper document falsification. Through periodic proficiency testing, we establish baseline testing capabilities and identify weaknesses, enabling continuous improvement and effective counterfeit part prevention.
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