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Counterfeit Part Test Lab Proficiency Evaluation

Counterfeit part (CP) Test Lab proficiency evaluations to assure that CP Test Labs are capable and continually improving their ability to detect and manage counterfeit parts in the supply chain

Background and Opportunity

Test laboratories serve as a crucial defense against counterfeit and substandard parts infiltrating the electronic industry and supply chain. Past assessments of these facilities have revealed a notable occurrence of both false positives and false negatives in test results. Proficiency evaluations have been effective in identifying labs that are meeting standards and those that require enhancements, suggesting that a more structured approach to assessing lab proficiency and personnel could greatly enhance efforts to safeguard the microelectronics supply chain.

Our Solution

Limited Offering: Aerocyonics, Inc. can perform a point-in-time snapshot evaluation of test facilities of interest to a contracted customer to the latest counterfeit parts (CP) testing per the latest standards and requirements.
Full Offering: Aerocyonics can provide long-term CP test facility evaluation and monitoring of test facilities of interest to a contracted customer per the latest standards and requirements. This would include the development and maintenance of a library of counterfeit products of actual counterfeits that have been tested and removed from the supply chain. The parts will be used in support of the CP proficiency evaluations and future research to advance the state-of-the-art for counterfeit detection.

Service Key Features

Aerocyonics associates led the effort to develop the current SAE AS6171 CP Test requirements standards and also performed the comprehensive test lab assessments performed in 2012, 2013 & 2015 and have the skills and experience to perform CP test lab evaluations to the latest requirements and standards.
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