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Solving Tough Problems

Our people ask honest questions, challenge the assumptions, and think big to solve some of our client’s most difficult challenges. Our highly skilled technical staff are committed to providing value to our customers and solving the challenges that matter most. We’ve empowered our employees to think outside the box, to be creative, and to have the courage and spirit to make a meaningful difference to the customers and markets we serve.

Our staff provides expertise in technology sectors such as cyber physical systems security, hardware & software assurance, counterfeit avoidance and detection, and advancement of talent in topic areas. We perform critical work in domains such as system security engineering, supply chain risk management, cyber, data analytics, machine learning, education, training, and more. Our commitment to serving customers and to providing quality products and services at competitive prices is unwavering.

Supply Chain Risk Management

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Supply Chain Risk Management

Our services include access to experts in supply chain and customized software-as-a-service (SaaS) to evaluate the supply chain’s compliance to evolving requirements and emerging threats that includes appropriate subject matter expertise and appropriate methods of supplier evaluation. We offer an enterprise level supply chain evaluation system customized and designed to measure the effectiveness of supplier compliance to your requirements and standards, facilitating supplier comparison and risk mitigation. The system includes a maturity matrix allowing for structured assessments of suppliers across the supply chain to assess requirements and mitigate problems discovered through the evaluations.


Hardware Assurance

The Aerocyonics team delivers expert advice and help to programs to ‘engineer-in’ hardware assurance. Our services provide: Integrated circuit secure design and verification and validation (V&V), Criticality Analysis, Milestone reviews, Deployment assistance and review, State-of-the-art Hardware Assurance (HwA) practices in collaboration with industry, government and academia for potential research and development opportunities, Hardware Assurance considerations for acquisition planning and request for proposal (RFP) preparation, and more.

Counterfeit Parts Avoidance & Detection

Electronic Wires

Counterfeit parts pose a serious threat to hardware assurance that could negatively impact reliability, safety, and security of your system. In addition, complex regulations require processes and procedures to mitigate the threat for both your organization and your supply chain. Our subject matter experts are fully versed on the latest regulations and can implement a counterfeit parts control plan that effectively addresses the problem. We are fully versed on the latest test techniques to assure the components integrated into your assemblies are authentic.

Cyber Physical Systems Security


Our teams’ experience addressing the range of activities necessary for cyber security of physical systems effectively answers the unique challenges of complex requirements in a dynamically changing threat environment. We provide professional systems engineering services that start at the component level with hardware and software assurance (HwA/SwA) and integrate into the system through a systems engineering approach called cyber physical systems security.

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Data Analytics

Aerocyonics engineers understand that when using Big Data and making decisions of significant importance, you need solid analytical methods, trustworthy data, and tools that will foresee information that is typically hidden to achieve mission success. We correlate data through algorithms developed by our engineers that are pre-defined by system architects in collaboration with subject matter experts or through machine learning and artificial intelligence utilizing convolutional, deep-learning neural network algorithms. Our modeling and simulation experts deliver computer models supporting simulations utilizing Big Data for decision-making that achieves mission success.


Modeling and Simulation

Our team of engineers performs services to enable the modeling, simulation, analysis and human system integration relevant to aeronautics, exploration, space operations, and mission critical systems and tasks. Our modeling and simulation engineers utilize statistics, math, physics and machine learning to support simulations used for decision-making, training, and augmented virtual reality that span multiple disciplines of engineering, operations, and data science.

Lecture Room

Education and Training

An effective workplace begins with an understanding of fundamental principles and requirements through knowledge that is acquired with education and training. A clear connection between the theoretical principles and hands-on practical work is needed for specialists, line workers, and managers to effectively perform their job. Aerocyonics training specialists engage with subject matter experts and users to gather the requirements, create the storyboard, draft the development, create the learning course, gauge user acceptance through feedback, and provide post-training support to resolve user questions to maximize the knowledge transfer and learning.

Delivering Innovation
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