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Aerocyonics Industries

Aerocyonics Industries has been set up as a DBA (Doing Business As) under Aerocyonics, Inc. as a financial vehicle to capture common expenses and shared resources utilized among the different divisions.  The intent of the division is to leverage shared resources when possible to increase efficiency of shared resources for the various divisions.  We do not plan to have any product or service offerings from this division.

The services division offers consulting services to U.S. Government agencies and departments, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, and commercial companies seeking expertise in focus areas.  Consulting services support defined statements of work on an annual retainer or through Time-and-Materials, Labor-Hour Contracts and Indefinite-Delivery (ID/IQ) Contracts.  Marketing efforts occur through direct solicitations from white papers, active committee participation in focus areas and through referrals.

Aerocyonics Services

Aerocyonics Logistics

The logistics division focuses on developing products and solutions in areas such as cyber physical systems security, supply chain risk management, and hardware & software assurance. Product development utilize Small Business Innovation Research, Small Business Technology Transfer grants, Broad Agency Announcements proposals, and investments from strategic investors. Aerocyonics collaborates with local colleges and universities to access laboratory resources and support proposals with graduate students.

We proposed a high school STEM education program focused on rocket science. Our hands-on model rocket kits offer students practical experience, introduce diverse role models, and integrate various subjects like physics, math, and humanities. This approach aims to enhance competitiveness and prepare students to tackle real-world challenges.

Aerocyonics Learning & Development

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